Powder Coating Image Gallery

Fenders, frames and fences can look new again with a fresh coat of powder.

Pick your colors, choose glitter or any level of gloss you like. Candy Apple Red, Flat Black, Metallic Blue? It’s up to you.

We do special effects like blending colors or making gradients, so if you want it, just ask!

12 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. I had my exhaust tip done there probably a year ago. was wondering if you can do an aluminum skidplate for my truck in like a flat black. just wondering a round about figure if you can do this

  2. Terry, I have 2 Brackets and a Brake lever from a Old Harley I need Powder coated , How backed up are you ?

  3. looking at getting 4 wheels powder coated black with some color matched accents just curious what you might charge.


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