Powder Coating Works

Don’t Paint That Metal…Powder Coat It!

Powder coating technology has been around for years and now we can make this technology available to everyone.

We can apply a wide range of finishes and color practically anything metal with our powder coating process.

You can select from a wide range of colors and special effects, like metal flake, hammered textures, wrinkled textures, candy and translucent effects, neon and bright colors, custom colors, and even different levels of gloss.


Ever try to paint on metal? Besides the ugliness of paint runs and the mess of actually doing it, there are other problems with trying to paint on metal…rust, chipping, cracking, and the effects of weathering.

Painting even causes pollution by solvents that vaporize into the air and dirty brushes and containers which must be thrown away.


Powder coating technology. Powder coating solves many problems that you get with painting.

The powder coating process chemically bonds pigments to any metal item. Rusting, chipping, cracking, and weathering are no longer any problem.

Getting a new finish on your metal was never so easy. You drop off your item, choose colors and textures, and within two weeks we will have your item looking brand new.

Our process is environmentally-friendly, too! No volatile organics are used in the process. Blasting materials are recaptured and recycled. Powders are contained in our spray booth and filtered twice from the air leaving our facility.

In four steps we can make your old rims or lawn furniture look like new!

  • Preparation for spraying.
  • Spraying powdered pigments on the item.
  • Baking the powder coating onto the item.
  • Quality control check.

Learn more about our powder coating services and how it works.

32 thoughts on “Powder Coating Works”

  1. I have a set of 18″ bbs rgr that I believe are oxidizing that were powdered coated black a couple of years ago. I’m looking to have them stripped and powder coated again but in a dark metallic purple. There is a little bit of curb rash on one wheel. How much would it cost to strip the wheels and how much would it cost for you to powder coat them?

    • Hey Jessica,
      Here’s our address and phone number:
      Powder Works
      6354 Brandy Lane
      Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
      Check our About Us page to see the map!

  2. Looking into getting a bronze powder coating on my 18″ bmw msport rims. Also looking to get some reconditioning because of some dings and curb rash. What price would i be looking at?

  3. How’s it going, I was referred to you guys by Dave Lightner. I was looking at getting my 18″ matte black Forgestar F14 wheels powder coated to a chrome, black chrome, or smoke chrome finish. I was hoping you could help me out.


  4. Spoke to you on the phone about my computer case. Was wondering if I could drop that off tomorrow. Also wondering if you do any nickel plating?

    • Hey Blake!

      Please call Terry at 717.877.4282 to arrange for your drop-off. He can answer all your questions. Thank you!

  5. Over this winter is like to get the rims on my Roush Mustang powder coated (same blue as the racing stripes )… Is this possible or something you can do?

  6. had work done there before. looking to get my 61 mower deck powder coated. don’t know if you can repair rust dimples before coating? let me know aprox price.

    • Hey Rob,
      Please give Terry a call about the rust dimples. He can let you know how well they can be repaired and talk with you about cost…717.877.4282.

    • Hey Brody!
      No, each situation is different. Some parts need a lot more prep time than others. Please give Terry a call about parts you’re interested in having powder coated. He’ll walk you through everything.

  7. Hi, can you give me a ballpark quote on powder coating four aluminum alloy 16 inch wheels? How long will this finish last against the elements?

    Thanks, Del


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